Mountain biking with our kayaks.

La Quiaca - Ushuaia, the trip that every cyclist, biker and off road rider does when looking for adventure in Argentina. More than 2000 miles to conect Argentina from north to south, a very nice trip, a classic, all the way long the n°40 road.
We wanted to respect "the classic" when we thought about this expedition but the problem was that we had no water to start paddling from la Quiaca, many feet up in the Andes Pre Puna. The solution: cycle several hundred miles to get to the water with our kayaks in carts. Thanks to our friends Daniel and Roberto for the carts.
So this is the first attempt to connect these two locations by water.

Waypoints of the bicycle short trip. You can see the Andes mountains on the left side where the "altiplano" is. We´ll have to cycle down to get to the 11th waypoint: Aguas Blancas (White Waters) Bermejo river. The green part of the map is the "Nuboselva" a jungle full of wildlife, place where Jaguars and Cougars live.
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